Disposal of Leaf, Limb, and Bulky Waste Material

The City of Woodbury has contracted with Dependable Waste Services to handle the collection and disposal of Leaf, Limb, and Bulky Waste Material.

Our collection day for leaf, limb, and bulky waste collection and disposal is every other Wednesday. Please place material along the roadside in front of your home or business the day before collection.

Please DO NOT place the items on the sidewalk or under power lines.


  1. Brush, grass, and leaves

  2. Trees limbs, and trimmings under 6 feet in length and 4 inches in diameter.

  3. Non-contracted remodeling waste (leftovers from do-it-yourself projects). The contractor must remove left over waste from contractor repairs.

  4. Small household appliances (microwaves, televisions, small dishwashers, etc.).

  5. Small furniture items (small chairs, lamps, toys, and clothes etc.).

  6. Large items (washer, dryer, mattresses, couches etc.).


  1. Please place all items at the roadside (pavement edge) or road within an accessible open area. Due to the equipment limitations our contractor cannot pick up items in an alley or confined space.

  2. No items should be placed on top of a water meter, sewer clean out, storm sewer, or manhole.

  3. All items must be placed at least 5 (five) feet from mailboxes, gas meters, cars, shrubs, or anything else that could interfere with mechanical lifting arms.

  4. All items must be placed as far as possible (10-foot minimum) away from utility poles and low hanging branches of trees to facilitate removal with an overhead grapple and to prevent contact with overhead power lines.

  5. Make sure no leaf or limb materials are placed in plastic bags. Any bags used must be biodegradable.

  6. All brush, grass, leaves, tree limbs and trimmings that are to be placed in an inert landfill or ground for mulch must be placed in separate piles from the items that are to be placed in a landfill. We are required by law to keep these items separated.

If you have any questions, please call our office at 706.553.2011.

Mayors Office